About Us

ABN Consulting, Inc., is an electrical engineering and consulting firm which was established in 2004. Our founder, Vasily Naumenko was a mechanical and electrical engineer in the Soviet aerospace industry. He had top level clearancances on many Soviet military projects prior to being recruited by an American engineering firm after the end of the Soviet Union.

After working for an American engineering firm, Vasily created ABN Consulting, Inc. in 2004. ABN Consulting, Inc., performed various engineering and consulting projects for industry and government and got into lighting in 2008, when Act 129 took effect in Pennsylvania. Starting in 2009, we began working with PP&L (a utility company in Pennsylvania), when they introduced their first Act 129 Utility rebate program.

We became part of their elite group of electrical contractors included in the Direct Discount Program. By the end of 2010 we had become the number one contractor under the Direct Discount Program with PP&L. We have completed over 400 jobs successfully in the PP&L territory, saving customers over 10 million annual kWh. We’ve saved our customers in excess of over $1.5 million in electricity costs. We now operate in seven states.
Because of our engineering and consulting background, we do not approach customers from a contractor’s perspective, we approach jobs from an engineering perspective, therefore we strive to prescribe the optimal solution for each project: quality of equipment, quality of light, and maximum efficiency.